Facts About Mental illness:



Across Canada, 1 in 12 beds are occupied by patients with Schizophrenia (exceeded only by patients with Heart Disease) 

Limited or no aftercare after discharge from Psychiatric hospital again in comparison to those patients discharged with a physical illness.

Patients are often discharged to transition houses unsuitable for these patients or shelters where they are frightened and misunderstood. They often end up on the

street as families may not be capable of looking after them.1 in 4 (25%) of us will experience a ‘Mental Health’ episode

Anxiety, Depression, Post Partum, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder Not only do people suffer and their families become debilitated by

the disorder, but there is also the shame and guilt of suffering or association with a mental illness

Fear and lack of education limits people's understanding Limited available support resources and dedicated healthcare compared to other

diseases (Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes) Limited Psychiatric help, both from support at clinics and hospital availability